Mr Bongo

Mr Bongo is a British, Brighton based independent record label, independent film and publishing company specialising in world music and art house/world cinema.  Known for its eclectic catalog spanning genres like Brazilian, Latin, reggae, soul, and more, and for unearthing rare musical treasures from around the world.

Analog Africa

Hailing from Uberlingen, Germany, Analog Africa have been unearthing the best in both explosive foot-shufflers and hypnotic sauntering treasures from Africa since 2006. Acclaimed for its meticulous curation, reissuing obscure gems, and showcasing the vibrant diversity of African sounds to a global audience.

Light in the Attic

Light in the Attic Records is an independent record label that was established in 2002 in Seattle, Washington. The label is known for its roster of reissue projects and for its diverse and quality distribution catalogue.

Soundway Records

Soundway Records is a British, London-based independent record label, founded and run by English DJ and music producer Miles Cleret. Since its initial release of a collection of Ghanaian music in 2002, they have released compilation albums of African, Caribbean, Latin, and Asian music from the 1950s to 1980s.


Based out of Hamburg, Germany, Glitterbeat are a world music label founded in the 2010s. Recognized for its diverse roster, showcasing innovative and boundary-pushing artists, and releasing captivating albums that bridge cultural and musical traditions.

Time Capsule Records

Time Capsule is a reissue focused label that captures the feelings and sonic experiences across time and space.  Founded and run by multi-cultural, cross-genre musicologists and obsessive record collectors.

Music From Memory

Music from Memory are an independent record label based in Amsterdam, founded in 2013 by Abel Nagengast, Jamie Tiller and Tako Reyenga. The label started as a reissue label, but has since then released music by contemporary artists. 

Warp Records

Warp Records is a British independent label that has been at the forefront of groundbreaking electronic and experimental music since it was founded in 1989.

Domino Records

Domino Recording Company, or simply Domino, is a British independent record label based in London. They have been responsible for releasing some of the best alternative and indie music over the last 30 years.

Siamese Twins

A home for authentic, tribally rooted sounds introducing Asian artists and creating symbiotic dialogues with producers around the globe.

Guru Guru Brain

Independent record label founded by the members of Kikagaku Moyo originally from Tokyo, now residing in Amsterdam.  The label focuses on ‘feel-good’ sounds from across Asia.